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The Process


Materials include cotton canvases or paper, with very little planning, other than starting out with a renewed sense of presence and no specifics around objective or motif.


There is no reference in photos but rather a creative anchoring in the color palette of acrylic paints that are hand picked based on a process that generally follows five stages. Because of this creatively open process, what comes out in the end is often a surprise. 



There are generally five stages that the pieces move through before coming to life.


Stage I. Inspiration

Their core inspiration is anchored in the artist's attempt to make sense of the world. Impressions and inspirations come throughout life and merge into one another. 


Stage II. Color 

Once inspired, the next stage involves carefully selecting the color palette, depicting a coming together of emotions, spirituality, and being.

Stage III. Base

Stage three contains mixing colors in a free-flow fashion, sometimes coupled with music to help inspire the rhythm and movement of the brushstrokes.


Stage IV. Character

During stage four, the pieces start unveiling their character - and what they want to become. Large strokes become smaller and dimensions clearer.


Stage V. Final touch

The final stage includes polishing their final parts, highlighting dimensions and lighting of the characters, including the final touches before they get ready to be shared with the world. 



Some of these art pieces enjoy the occasional small-scale exhibits, and others have already found private homes. This website is a space for these works to exist and to help facilitate them, when needed, to find good homes and other places for their display. For more information about exhibits, sales, representation, and more, kindly reach out using this contact form:

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